SKYLINE is an audiovisual installation project that considers the crossing or confluence of different times – in the video- and narrative strategies in the expositive space, adopting for that, languages typical from documentary videos and painting.

The work, carried out thanks to the “Grant for the creation of an audiovisual project DKV- ES BALUARD”, that promotes the creation of audiovisual projects in the area of art and health and it is developed with the facilities that the Hospital from Dénia Marina Salud offers through an artistic investigation residence.

Considering the topic of the project in relation to the patients’ time-space perception –especially those who are in hemodialysis- who move around those installations, it is very important to pay attention to the natural views that surround the hospital and where you can have visual access through large windows.

In this way, by using the multi-screen, different visual or hearing narrations or even those, which offer the patients about their stay at the hospital, are carried out here. A total of three screens, two fix shots and a third where different spaces are happening, organize the narration.

Skyline, 2015
Video installation
Full HD Video 10 ´34 ´´