El Periplo «The Periplus» (2015) is a project of video and photography about landscape, time and contemplation.

Based on the videographic register of unknown passers-by on the Barceloneta beach (Barcelona), the original recording is digitally handled in a way that it places in the same shot and at the same time different individuals who, in any moment, looked at the horizon.

Thus, through the figure of the tourist, it is considered the revision of certain vestigial roles of the Romanticism associated to this figure. By an imperceptible loop, the relationship between the individual and what surrounds it remains suspended in a narration with no beginning or ending.

El Periplo, 2014
Video installation
Full HD Video, 24 ́ 26
At Universidad de Barcelona

El Periplo, 2014

The Viewers, 2015
60 photos. 30 x 35 cm c.u. [ ~7 m]
Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta Paper

The Viewers is an installation composed by a 60 photos polyptych that registers some individuals in a contemplative attitude.

The project that starts from the concept of romantic sublime refers to the view through its denial, focusing the attention on the individual, who questions the viewer by a play of glances; to look at who is looking.

It is through the sharing of pictures of unknown tourists, captured in the instant when they look towards the horizon in a moment, that a discourse of the contemplative exercise is generated, overthrowing the individual action and taking it as collective, global.

The Viewers, 2015

The Viewers, 2015
At Galería Isabel Hurley (Málaga)