NEVER ODD OR EVEN. A positioning operation, is an installation project where through allegorical elements located in the seascape, questions related to the antagonistic and the resistance are tackled. It is due to issues connected to historical transversality especially activated now are being addressed.

In this way, the work pays special attention to its evolving nature because the reflection that it suggests, finds its reason for living in the walk and in the interpretation of the events that occur there.

Therefore, from the video record of leisure and consumption events occurred in a promenade –given the link with the sea as a representative element of contemplation in the history of art-, the creative process goes through digital manipulation of those pictures-movement, so its original sense is overthrown.

*NEVER ODD OR EVEN is a sentence with palindrome character, it is, a sentence that can be read from right to left or from left to right.

NEVER ODD OR EVEN. A positioning operation, 2016
Video installation
Full HD Video 35 ´(Loop)
Installation at CAAC - Sevilla.