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MADE IN ALMEDINILLA is the result of a documentation work in the restoration workshop of the Archaeological Historical Museum in Almedinilla (Córdoba), where it is defined the tenth edition of “The Hypnos’ flight. Dialogues between heritage and contemporary art”.

The way the remains of the Roman villa El Ruedo were stored, found in this town in the 80s, talks about not just the civilizations that lived centuries ago in this place, but about their nearest past and the qualifying desire the human being has.

A huge amount of Roman and Iberian remains is stored –waiting for being classified, restored and/or displayed- in a wide range of “containers”, it is, in carton boxes from different goods – from oil among others- that give clues from the most recent history of this area of the Subbética region. In addition, a result of the scarcity of the moment was the storage of those remains in a so humble way, with little handwriting notes about their new content: “human skeleton remains”, “mosaics”, “Roman villa”, “necropolis”. Thus, it is outlined the course of local history and the possible nexus that, through the present language in these boxes that happen like an assembly line, time and fate have created.