LOOPS AT A SPOOL. Continuation Ceremony, is an installation project that uses allegory as a discursive strategy applied to objects, light and sounds taken from the landscape. Thus, a flagpole divested of its flag is presented as the central axis of the space, crowned by a gold finial.

In what constitutes an exercise in resistance, the installation clearly distances itself from the customary viewing and/or consumption times of the paracinematic, as it unfolds in keeping with the opening hours of the exhibition hall (at 3-hour intervals), thus positing the union of work and space as an indivisible autonomous entity.

As the title suggests, and in line with the project that preceded it (NEVER ODD OR EVEN: Una maniobra de posicionamiento, 2016), the palindromic condition is a constant on both the technical and conceptual planes, for the narrative oscillates and repeats itself indefinitely like “loops at a spool”.

Consequently, on these premises the installation proposes the poetic representation of a ceremony. But this ceremony, rather than marking an opening or closing, is contemplated as an intermediate state, understanding the apparent absence of events as an event in itself.

Finally, the experience of time conferred upon the space by the cyclical movement of light and shadows in the room, as well as the solemnity of the subtle sounds composed from orchestra rehearsals, is an invitation to reflection on various levels, from the socio-political to the meta-artistic.

*LOOPS AT A SPOOL is a sentence with palindrome character, it is, a sentence that can be read from right to left or from left to right.

LOOPS AT A SPOOL. Continuation Ceremony, 2017
Double video projection on fiberglass mast, concrete base and gold bathed iron pinnacle.
4,50 m. [approx.]
Duration of the video projections: 165 min.
Audio 5.1
Sound composition from fragments of essays recorded in the vicinity of a music conservatory.

Iron pinnacle bathed in gold.

Sequence of images taken during 3 hours, from the opening to the closing of the exhibition space.