Everything can be fixed up is a site-specific installation carried out by invitation from the Collection Russian Museum in Málaga to take part in the exhibition The four seasons in the Russian art, second yearly exhibition in the Collection Russian Museum in Málaga, a painting museum.

With the painting as means, the exhibition in the Russian Museum deals with the view of the Russian landscape according to the different seasons of the year, creating a reading again of the landscape genre with emotional and identity connotations. This way, Everything can be fixed up (2016) sets out its presence in the museum as a disciplinary cross between the painting and the image in movement, establishing relationships through the video installation with the collection of the landscape painting where it is set. Thus, the relation of the installation with the rest of the collection is established from antagonistic perspectives, it is, from a denaturalization of the landscape, industrial, very far from the bucolic perspective of genre.

Finally, regarding the installation aspect, we can see a leap from the static image to the moving image not only taking the projection into account but the physical unfolding of the device, which takes the canvas apart from its usual place, the wall, to distribute one after another in a sequential way, as frames along the expositive space. It is produced, therefore, a shift in the concept of time, from the image plan to the spacial plan.

Everything can be fixed up, 2016
Video instalation
Full HD Video 25 ´ (Loop).
Installation view in the Málaga's Russian Museum.

Installation views in the Málaga's Russian Museum.