La disección lúcida «The lucid dissection» (2013) is an audiovisual project made in Passau (Germany). This Project comes from the amazement at the nature, the contemplation and the sublime. These concepts are part of the Nordic landscape and related to Romanticism.

La disección lúcida, 2013
Video installation
Video projection + 4 LED screens with headphones over tables [different measures]
Installation view at Sala de Exposiciones de la Facultad de Bellas Artes (Málaga)

Sin título, 2013
Full HD Video 4´18´´(Loop)

El caminante sobre el río de niebla, 2013
Full HD Video 2´29´´(Loop)

Abismo, 2013
Full HD Video 4´45´´(Loop)

Dentro del campo, 2013
Full HD Video, 4´25´´(Loop)

La disección lúcida, 2013
Full HD Video 2´18´´(Loop)